Student Registration

Initial Student Registration and Membership

In Saskatchewan, students enrolling in an accredited optical program must be registered and licensed with the Saskatchewan College of Opticians (SCO) as a student member to practice under a restricted student licence.

To become registered and licensed as a student member, you will need to submit the following to the College:

  • A completed student licence application. (Ensure your supervisor/preceptor has completed and signed the supervisor agreement portion of the student licence application.)
  • Student licence fees
  • A passport size photo

Renewal of a Student Licence

A student licence is valid for one academic year and must be renewed by the expiry date if enrolled in a second year or repeating a section in their optical program.

Practice of a Student Member

Student members may perform the duties of a student member as provided for by the Opticians Act, and bylaws and as described in the Standards of Practice while under the supervision of a registered optician, contact lens practitioner, optometrist, or ophthalmologist. The supervisor must be physically present and personally supervise, check, and approve the student's work.

Supervision of a Student

No practicing member shall supervise more than two student members at any one time.

You have graduated from your optical science program; what do you do next?

Graduate Students Restricted Licence Requirements

When students have graduated from an accredited optical program, a student licence is no longer valid, and the student member must, therefore, apply for a restricted optician licence or restricted contact lens practitioner licence in order to continue to practice under supervision or to be eligible to sit the NACOR National EG or CL examination.

When applying for a restricted optician or contact lens practitioner licence, you will also be required to submit a current criminal record check (CRC). A CRC is to be completed through Sterling Backcheck (a reputable national company that provides criminal record background checks for organizations.) The Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) combines a search of the National Repository of Criminal Records and a search of local police information within multiple databanks. Once you have completed the E-PIC, you will receive your results, and a copy of your results will be sent directly to the College. Please note: the E-PIC will only be accepted if completed through Sterling Backcheck, and you are responsible for the cost of the CRC.

Please click on the following link to take you to the landing page to start your CRC. You will be required to create a myBackCheck account. To create a myBackCheck account, simply follow the on-screen prompts.

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