Privacy Policy

The Saskatchewan College of Opticians (SCO) is committed to protecting the privacy of members of the optical profession and members of the public. The SCO’s commitment to privacy protection is implemented through the management of the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information that the SCO has for individual members of the public and members of the profession.

Data Collection

The SCO collects personal information from its members for the following purposes

  • creating and maintaining records about applications for and obtaining registration as a member;
  •  creating and maintaining records about applications for and obtaining a annual licence renewal and for keeping records about suspended cancelled or reinstated licences;
  • creating and maintaining records about members fulfilling their continuing education or continuing competency requirements;
  • to manage student supervision
  • to provide seminars and educational activities
  • to maintain errors and omission liability insurance status
  • to confirm good standing from other jurisdictions
  • to answer inquiries from the public regarding the public register
  • to provide information on upcoming event scheduling
  • to facilitate annual conventions and AGM registrations
  • to meet other legal and regulatory requirements.

The SCO collects personal information from the public for the following purposes

  • lodging, investigating and conducting hearings and appeals concerning complaints against members

Whenever possible, the SCO obtains express consent for the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information. The SCO assumes implied consent for personal information necessarily collected in registration, continuing competence, complaints management and accreditation programs, by members who provide the requested information.

The SCO could from time to time collect, use, disclose or retain personal information without consent, as permitted or required by law. The SCO makes the membership list available to carefully screened parties whose products and services may be of interest to SCO members.

Limited Use

The SCO will only use personal information for the purposes declared upon collection.


The SCO could exchange personal information on individuals with a number of groups, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross
  • Saskatchewan Health
  • Opticians Association of Canada (OAC)
  • National Association of Opticianry Regulators (NACOR)
  • Contractors to SCO (e.g. software contractors, consultants, advisors)
  • Optical Industry Suppliers
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • Health Canada
  • National Accreditation Committee of Opticians (NACO)
  • Provincial Optical Associations
  • Provincial Optical Regulatory Agencies
  • Workers Compensation Board
  • Insurance companies

The SCO enters into Privacy Protection Agreements with such third parties in order to ensure personal information protection.


The SCO keeps registration files of regulated members indefinitely. Other personal information of the public and members is kept for legislatively designated time periods.

Safeguarding Personal Information

Personal information is held in records that are out‐of‐sight and not available to unauthorized persons at the SCO. Firewalls and passwords are used for the safeguarding of electronic information. Upon destruction, paper files are shredded, electronic records are deleted, and hard drives are emptied in the disposal of computer equipment.

Access to Personal Information

The SCO is committed to maintaining accurate and current records and will from time‐to‐time update personal information with the public or members.

Members of the public and the profession who want to see their personal information can request access through the SCO Office. Requests to change personal information or to correct a file (other than routine updating) can be made through the SCO Offce. If a copy is requested, the SCO will provide an estimate of the copying cost before copying the file.

Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

The SCO will monitor and revise the SCO Privacy Policy and Procedures on an ongoing basis.