New Member Registration


Nationally Registered Applicant

An applicant for a certificate of registration as a Licensed Optician who, at the time he/she applies, is licensed or registered, and in good standing, in another province or territory of Canada to dispense either eyeglasses or contact lenses, will be accepted for registration without further examination in the similar category provided that he/she meets the general registration requirements. A letter of good standing from the current province of licensure is required.

Application Form for Nationally Registered Applicant

Graduate from Accredited Education

Applicants for registration as a Licensed Optician in Saskatchewan who are graduates from an educational program that is approved by the Saskatchewan College of Opticians. The SCO approves programs accredited by NACOR. An application for registration must have completed an approved education program or one deemed equivalent by the SCO and must successfully challenge that National Optical Sciences Examinations.

Application Form for Graduates of Accredited Canadian Programs

Non-Accredited Education Applicant

International applicants who have not graduated from an accredited and recognized program or are not registered in good standing with another Canadian optician regulator may be accepted for admission where they have a combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities which are, in the opinion of the Registration Committee, substantially equivalent to the requirements set out in the bylaws for new applicants. Such applicants, are required to undergo a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and may become eligible for licensing and registration with or without further examinations, education, training, experience, and other upgrading and/or assessments as determined by the Registration Committee.

PLAR Application Package