Making a Complaint

The Opticians Code of Ethics is to ensure that the welfare of patients is uppermost at all times. All patients should be treated equally with respect and without discrimination. Opticians should keep all patient information in strict confidence unless expressly authorized by the patient or the law.

Should you feel that you have had an experience to the contrary, please let the College know. The SCO investigates all complaints related to an Opticians professional practice.

The SCO does not have the authority to investigate concerns about monetary issues such as prices, poor service, or poor manners of the Optician. These concerns should be referred to the Practice Manager.

You may file a complaint against an Optician through the Saskatchewan College of Opticians office. All complaints must be submitted in writing and should be as detailed as possible. Please include your own contact information and the name and place of practice of the person you are making the complaint against. All complaints will be treated confidentially.

To send a complaint via email, please send to  To send in a complaint via mail, please send to:

Saskatchewan College of Opticians
#13-350 103rd Street East
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 1Z1

Once a complaint is received, the SCO office will send a letter acknowledging the receipt of the complaint. They will also notify the Optician of the complaint. The Optician is expected to respond to the College within 14 days.

The Conduct Committee reviews the evidence and determines whether additional investigation is required or whether there is sufficient information to reach a decision on how to resolve the issue. The Conduct Committee can do a number of things as part of its investigation, including:

  • Get clarification from both parties
  • Inspect products when applicable
  • Interview witnesses and obtain statements
  • Obtain and inspect documents and records

Once the investigation into a complaint has been completed, the Conduct Committee may decide that:

  • No further action is warranted, in which case the complaint is dismissed.
  • Disciplinary action is necessary and will be dealt with as set out in the Optician's Act.

Both the Complainant and the Optician will receive written notification regarding the outcome of the complaint. All information relating to the investigation and resolution of complaints is held in the strictest of confidence.

Should either the Complainant or the Optician be dissatisfied with the decision and reasons for the decision given by the Complaint Director, they have the right to appeal to the Council of the SCO within 30 days of receiving the notification regarding the outcome of the complaint.