Employment Opportunities

SAGE FOUNDATION is wanting to hire a Licensed Optician, or Ophthalmic Dispenser to attend an external travel in a pop-up clinic periodically throughout the year.

Travel, accommodation, food and incidentals are paid for.

Wage: $35 per hour for an opportunity for a bonus of up to $5 to $10 per hour

You will be working with a team including an Optometrist, pre-tester and administrative staff.  The job requires basic dispensing to mainly school-age children including PD, HTs, frame and lens selection.  The requirement is part-time work by project and thus plenty of flexibility to work around other commitments that the candidate may have.

Reasons to consider going:

* Humanitarian mission project working with Sage Foundation

* improving access to care

* Adventure

* opportunity for change with a getaway out of a regular clinical setting

* good remuneration

*  excellent clinical experience with high-volume service

* looks great on a Resume

for further information, please contact Dr. Tim Degelman at timdegelman@gmail.com or 306 987 3000