Accredited Education


Effective October 1, 2019, accreditation for entry to practice Opticianry programs will be performed by Accreditation Canada.

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To become an optician, students  must have a Canadian High School Diploma or assessed equivalent.

You must register with Saskatchewan College of Opticians as a student optician. 

Once a student has successfully completed the Eyeglass program from a NACOR Accredited School (Georgian College, Seneca, Douglas College, Oulton College, Stenberg College or NAIT) he/she is eligible to sit the NACOR Licensing Exam. Upon passing the licensing exam, students may apply for registration to SCO. Once licensed, an Optician can dispense eyeglasses in the province of Saskatchewan.

If you decide to attend NAIT through Distance Delivery then you must be employed in the industry and have a qualified supervisor* willing to train you.

*A qualified supervisor is an Optician, Contact Lens Optician,Optometrist or Ophthalmologist  who holds a valid licence in the province of Saskatchewan.

Accredited schools in Canada offering the Opticianry course are as follows:

1.     NAIT – Optical Sciences Distance Delivery

The NAIT Optical Sciences Programs are produced by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and endorsed and administered by the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) in partnership with the Provincial Associations and Colleges in most provinces. The courses are offered in an online, distance-learning format; however, some provinces offer in-class instruction for their students.

Apply to NAIT/OAC Optical Sciences Eyeglasses Program through the OAC. The Optical Sciences Programs are independent study courses. The first course is the Optical Sciences Eyeglasses Diploma which takes 2 years to complete, next is the Optical Sciences Advanced Practice Contact Lenses Program, which is a 1 year program. You may apply for a licence as an Optician in the province of Saskatchewan through SCO after you have completed the 2 year Eyeglass Program and successfully passed the NACOR licensing exam. If you wish, you may continue your studies in the Advance Practice of Contact Lenses at your discretion.

The Eyeglasses program is a two-year independent study Diploma program for opticianry. In addition to the two years of theory, four levels of Practicum are required. Practicum consists of on-the-job training, similar in nature to an apprenticeship, and is necessary as part of the clinical aspect of the program. 2000 hours under direct supervision are required.

2.   Douglas College - David Lam Campus at 1250 Pinetree Way in Coquitlam British Columbia

       Two-Year Diploma

To work in this field, you must complete training at an approved institution as well as licensing requirements administered by the Saskatchewan College of Opticians. Douglas College offers British Columbia's finest instructional facilities in the field, and it's the only public college in BC that offers a Dispensing Optician Program.

3.    Georgian College - One Georgian Drive, Barrie, Ontario

       Two-Year Diploma

In 2 years, you will learn all that's required by the optical profession, benefiting not only from the comprehensive classroom sessions, but also from the paid Co-Op placements each summer. The program offers extremely flexible placement options that are available worldwide.

4.    Seneca College - Newnham Campus, Ontario

       Two-Year Certificate

In the OPTC program, you’ll acquire the specialized knowledge and skills required to safely and competently dispense subnormal vision devices, contact lenses and eye glasses. You’ll also learn the basic science of sight and optics, and develop practical spectacle fabrication and dispensing skills.

The following Optical Programs have also received NACOR Accreditation:

  Oulton College Optician Program, Moncton, New Brunswick

  College communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

  Stenberg College Dispensing Optician Diploma Program

  Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Eyeglasses Program - French