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License Renewal Guidelines

 It is your responsibility to ensure your renewal is received by the SCO Office by April  1st.

 Members can renew online through our website. We will still continue to accept paper applications. A step by step guide to online renewals is available on the website under Existing Members Renewals.

 Payments: We accept Cheque/Money Order/Visa/MasterCard/Discover and now we accept Interac E-transfer. There is a 5%  service charge with any card payments. Please make cheques and money orders payable to  Saskatchewan College of Opticians.  If you want to pay through an Interac E-transfer, choose to pay via "E-transfer" and go to your online banking website to order an E-transfer.  Send the E-transfer to office@scoptic.ca.

 Practicing members must submit proof of Liability Insurance with your renewal each year. You are free to acquire liability insurance from any insurer of your choice. Some  popular options are from Cherry Insurance who offers a $1 million liability for $50  annually. If you have OAC membership, liability insurance is included with your  membership. Another option is from Lloyds. Some employers  provide liability insurance on their corporate plans. Please ensure you submit a copy of  your insurance certificate with your renewal.

 Applications received without payment or proof of insurance will not be processed.

 It is necessary for practicing members to have their Continuing Education Credits up to  date in order to renew their license. As a reminder, Licensed Opticians need 10 Credits within the previous 3 years, 8 which must be Eyeglass Credits. Licensed Contact Lens Practitioners require 15 Credits, 5 of which must be Eyeglass and 5 which must be Contact Lens Credits, within the same time period.

 We will use your photo from last year unless a new one is submitted with your renewal  form.

 Late Payment Fees of $75 will apply to all applications received on April 2nd or later.
 Any member who has not renewed by April 1st is unlicensed and is not allowed to  practice. Members, who have not renewed by April 1st, will be notified in accordance  with the Regulatory Bylaws that their licence has expired and will also be advised at that  time of the date that they will be removed from the Register should they remain  unlicensed.  

 Members that have been removed from the Register and wishing to be reinstated, will be  subject to the re-licensing requirements as set out in the Administrative Bylaws i.e. the  normal licence fee, plus a penalty of a lapse fee equal to the licence fee, and a re- registration fee of $100. 

 We are encouraging members to receive correspondence from the College by email. Please  choose your preferred communication method when completing the renewal form. Should  you not choose a method on the renewal form, correspondence will be sent by email.