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It shall be the IDEAL, the RESOLVE and the DUTY of each optician to act in accordance with the following principles:

1. To keep the welfare of my patient uppermost at all times, and shall continuously enhance my educational and technical proficiency in order that my patients might receive the benefits of all acknowledged improvements in ophthalmic care.

2. To render my services to all my patients with equal diligence, respect and without discrimination.

3. To hold in strict confidence all information acquired in the course of the professional relationship with my patients and shall not divulge any such information unless expressly authorized by my patients, or by law.

4. To assist in maintaining the integrity of the profession, shall contribute to, and participate in its activities. I shall encourage and participate in the education of all participants in the profession.

5. To foster good relationships among members of the ophthalmic professions, in order to facilitate inter-professional relationships and referrals for the benefit of my patients

6. To be professionally responsible for all services rendered by myself, or those under my supervision.

7. To practice within the limitations of my level of competence, irrespective of authorization under the Opticians Act.

8. To be diligent in the application of the standards of infection prevention and control.